Who is Richard?

I was born and raised in the small coastal town of Mamaroneck, New York, USA, a suburb of New York City. My parents John Dudley and Flora "Lola" (Ehrsam) Dudley were also raised there. When I was growing up in the 1950s and 1960s Mamaroneck was small enough that store owners knew me as one of John and Lola's sons. We always had a small boat with an inboard engine just big enough to go fishing. Many many days spent on Long Island Sound boating and fishing often with a full boat: siblings Bruce, David, Lynda and mom and dad.

In 1963 I graduated from Rye Neck High School and went off to Cornell University on a Regents Scholarship. Great years at Cornell studying "Conservation" with summer jobs doing field work in New York, Maine, and Pennsylvania.  I stayed there for my MS degree in Fisheries, married Christina Gillis, and then, following up on an opportunity on a bulletin board, ended up going to Zambia to pursue a PhD at the University of Idaho.  Fisheries research on the Kafue floodplain for two years, back to Idaho.  In 1971 went off to Costa Rica for a ecology course, son Brian is born. 1972 finish graduate studies and start work at the U of Georgia. 1973 daughter Amy is born!  Back to Zambia in 1975-1976.

1980s brought big changes: moved from Georgia to Oregon State U for temporary assignment and chance to do more international work. ; Divorced in 82. Later in 1982 accepted assignment to go to Indonesia … didn't return to the USA until 2009!   What a trip!  Met anthropologist Carol Colfer in November 1982 in Honolulu.  I moved to Semarang in Java in January 1983, she was posted to Sitiung Sumatra. We were married in Sitiung in Febuary 1985.

More adventures: 1986 we move (with Carol's son Alan) to Oman for a fisheries project and Carol taught at Sultan Qaboos University. 1990 a brief stay in Portland Oregon, then to Riau province in Sumatra, then to West Kalimantan (Borneo), then to Jakarta for two years. Ultimately in 1996 we move to Bogor, West Java, Indonesa…. and stay put (sort of) until moving back to the USA in 2009… to Etna, New York, near Ithaca.