Holy Macro

This little Syrphid Fly (probably Toxomerus geminatus) on a Black-eyed Susan (Rudbekia) petal is one of my favorite macro photos – so far.

I'm not really sure why I like taking macro pictures so much. But it probably has something to do with the fact that you enter a different world when you use a macro lens. For some reason, most macro pictures tend to be of flowers and insects– mine included. However macro photographs don't need to be limited to that type of thing. So I should try to convince myself to look at some other things through my macro lens.

I also think macro is interesting because it's a bit cheaper and easier than telephoto, another option for playing and spending lots of money, and I think macro is actually more interesting as well. Telephoto typically only gives you a closer view of something you would see any way, although relative size of objects in telephoto photos can be very different depending on the lens focal length. But macro can actually opens a new world, one that you haven't seen before.

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