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Do Southerners Really Like Loudmouth New Yorkers?

Quite a few years ago I was known, I believe, as a loudmouth New Yorker.  True, I had grown up in the suburbs of New York City.   However I had lived for six years in upstate New York followed by … Continue reading

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Best Apps for Taking Notes on the iPad

I have been reviewing some note taking apps for the iPad. I wanted to be able to use these apps, or at least one of them, to take notes in seminars and meetings without undue messing around. I wasn't sure … Continue reading

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Holy Macro

This little Syrphid Fly (probably Toxomerus geminatus) on a Black-eyed Susan (Rudbekia) petal is one of my favorite macro photos – so far. I'm not really sure why I like taking macro pictures so much. But it probably has something … Continue reading

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Not Messing with WordPress

As a follow-up to my previous post… of course if I use LiveWriter (or some such blogging tool) on my computer and then post to the blog I can avoid dealing with the WordPress editors at all!  Or at least … Continue reading

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Messing with WordPress

I'm not a geek– really I'm not! And this messing with WordPress to get these blogs up and running is certainly not very straightforward. I had a blog on another site – the Google site: blogger. And that works very … Continue reading

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Carol’s Garden

Carol in her garden  

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Some Family Pictures from my Photo Site

Click on the picture to go directly to the web site.

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More on Fair Media Coverage… What is it?

I left my last post somewhat up in the air. What is the best coverage an idealistic unbiased news reporting organization should use to present news about candidates? How much coverage should they give each candidate? It seems that just … Continue reading

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Interconnections – Media Coverage and Candidate Success: What is the Ideal Approach?

While I was sleeping…. I was thinking about the relationship between news coverage and presidential candidate popularity. It is easy to imagine that the popularity of a candidate is directly related to the amount of media coverage that each receives. … Continue reading

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